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Acquisition Channel Opportunities: YouTube's New Search Results, LinkedIn, TikTok

Want to get more paying users? Take a look at the acquisition channel opportunities I discovered this week:

  • YouTube’s New Search Results: Yep, YouTube just launched a new type of search results, making videos easier to discover;
  • LinkedIn stories: You can now drive traffic to your website with LinkedIn stories;
  • TikTok is king: TikTok surpassed Facebook in time spent per user and is probably the best social network for organic reach right now.

1. YouTube Just Made It Easier to Discover New Videos With Hashtag Search Results

Breaking: recently launched dedicated hashtag result pages. Here’s a live example. This is just a beginning, and according to SEJ’s article YouTube says it will continue to make updates to hashtags.


What this means for you: Two things:

1) Adding hashtags to your new/existing videos will make them more discoverable

2) YouTube is currently featuring popular videos on their hashtag pages, but Matt Southern of SEJ notes there are chances they will follow Twitter’s playbook:

“YouTube would do well to take notes from Twitter, the social network that pioneered hashtag search. What initially made hashtags work on Twitter is the way they allowed users to follow topics in real-time.” -

Keep an eye on this space.

2. LinkedIn Now Allows You To Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Stories

Word on the street: LinkedIn just launched the capacity to add links into your LinkedIn stories. This option will be available to company pages, as well as profiles with at least 5,000 conne*ctions.


What this means for you: If you have an active & engaged LinkedIn presence, this is worth trying out. LinkedIn launched stories worldwide just 2 months ago, and as you probably know, platforms that add new features give a temporary boost and extra exposure to people using them.

Who knows? You might discover that your LinkedIn stories suddenly drive you more traffic to your site than your posts.

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3. TikTok Just Surpassed Facebook in Time Spent Per User

The numbers: Time spent on TikTok is up 325% year-over-year. Let that sink in. TikTok is also expected to hit 1 billion monthly active users this year.

What this means for you:: Going viral: If you search Twitter for keywords like “tiktok woke up followers”, you’ll see a lot of recent examples of how a single video got people thousands of new followers. One recent examples is Jack Appleby, who got from 20 to 2001 followers overnight with a single video. Try doing that on Instagram.

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